Category: Interior Painting

When to Pull Off Painters Tape

While painters tape is a great way to protect surfaces as you paint, it can also ruin a day's work if you pull it off in the wrong spot. To prevent this from happening, be sure to take off the tape as soon as you're done painting. This means removing it as soon as you…

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How Much Do Painters Charge?

Hiring a professional painter is often the best option for a home painting project. They're also a more cost-effective way to get a professional finish on your walls. However, before you hire a professional, it's important to understand how much painters charge. It's a common misconception that painters charge by the square foot, but in…

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Interior Wall Painting Tips

Using the correct tools is essential to accomplish interior wall painting projects. A roller or brush can help you get the job done in less time, and a primer is necessary to protect the surfaces you're working with. A painter's tape is a handy tool for marking off the top color and bordering sections.  Primer…

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